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Tiny Toy and Teacup Poodle Puppies: Now taking Deposits.

I expect 1 more litter the first week of May.

Sometimes I only get 1 pup per litter so that is not as much as it sounds. The smaller the poodle the less puppies it has. I breed teacup to teacup. This way I am guaranteed small puppies but I only get 1 or 2 teacup poodle puppies per litter. More information on these litters is on the nursery page. 


Guess What ! We are now adding Phantom toy poodles to our line. We have just acquired a little phantom girl puppy . Click Here To See photo.

Phantom toy poodles Have distinctive Facial and body markings similar to a Doberman Pincher.


Below are some photos of my "Poodle Family".

I hope you enjoy them.

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cream toy poodle


Simone-female toy poodle

teacup poodle

Bravehart-male teacup

teacup poodle

Chu-Chu-male chocolate teacup
tiny toy poodleSally- female tiny toy

tiny teacup poodles

Sally and Bisquit- sally is a black tiny toy, Bisquit is a Teacup

teacup poodle

Lucy Lou- female chocolate teacup

tiny toy poodle

Mister Lincoln- male tiny toy. Sally X Bravehart

teacup poodle

Suzy- chocolate teacup female. Lucy X Bisquit

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