toy poodlesteacup poodle puppies

teacup poodle puppies

Puppy News

Tiny Toy and Teacup Poodle Puppies: Now taking Deposits.

I expect 1 more litter the first week of May.

Sometimes I only get 1 pup per litter so that is not as much as it sounds. The smaller the poodle the less puppies it has. I breed teacup to teacup. This way I am guaranteed small puppies but I only get 1 or 2 teacup poodle puppies per litter. More information on these litters is on the nursery page.


Guess What ! We are now adding Phantom toy poodles to our line. We have just acquired a little phantom girl puppy . Click Here To See photo.

Phantom toy poodles Have distinctive Facial and body markings similar to a Doberman Pincher.


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I will breed Gwenivere to Bisquit one LAST time. I kept the pups from the last breeding because they are the tiniest I have bred so far. I was blessed with Elvis and Twinkle.

They are pictured below. They are not for sale but they are the pups I got last time from the same breeding.

Teacup PoodlesTwinkle & Elvis

Teacup Poodle "Elvis"

Twinkle is going shopping "Twinkle" Teacup Poodle

Simone Simone .


He is pictured above. He is 1 day old and will need to be 12 weeks before he can ship. He is a Chocolate Phantom, male, 3 oz at birth. $1500.00.

Mom is 6 1/2 tall

I am Elvis. I am a male black phantom teacup poodle puppy.

Bisquit x Gwenivere

I am Twinkle, a female black teacup poodle puppy

Bisquit x Gwenivere

It's me Elvis again

I am Gwenivere... Mommy of the pups above. I am a un-groomed chocolate phantom

female teacup poodle.


Bisquit-tiny teacup  


1 more litter planned in the summer of 2006.


I accept deposits after the pups are actually born. So many things can happen and I don't think it is ethical to hold someone up for their money who is looking for a puppy to love.. You may not like the puppy that is born in the next litter(s). I can't predict what I will get-male, female etc. Maybe you will find one that you want to buy "now". I can only make a good guess at what colors I will get and I have no idea as to the sex. This is for YOUR own good.

I sell AKC registered puppies. You do not pay "extra" for the papers. As far as limited registrations go- All my dogs are breed worthy! Be careful when breeding these tiny babies. The size of the stud matters. Also you will not get rich breeding them. Expect 1 or 2 puppies per litter and be prepared to spend 1000.00 plus to pay for a caesarian. I know most breeders charge extra or or will not give you breeding rights. I feel that they are afraid of the competition of creating more breeders. Believe me! The demand far outweighs the supply. I have no competition...If you want to breed your dog so you can have grandchild puppies, I understand your love. I do not sell to other kennels. I am not a kennel. I used to show and and I had a kennel but my dogs live in my house with me. I was fortunate enough when I started (35 years ago) to be able to purchase the best possible genes for my breeding program and show career. From there I took it even farther. As far as I know a rescue group for teacup poodles does not exist. I don't think there are any "unwanted teacup poodles" unless they are owned by the breeders themselves and they have outgrown their "usefulness". Now that is sad. I make a life long commitment to all the dogs that I decide to keep.


Bisquit-tiny teacup.


Sally-tiny toy


We are engaged and plan to have puppies in May. I am such a stud!!


Tiny toy Chocolate and Red Phantom

Elvis is full grown. 6 inches tall and 2 lbs.. He is a black/tan teacup phantom.
Twinkle at 8 weeks. 13 ounces

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